Are you...

 An introvert wanting to be an extrovert?

Struggling to grow your career?

Seeking an interesting job?

Well prepared for your next job interview?

Do you...

Struggle to initiate conversations?

Want to be an inspiring leader?

Hey, I am Dr. Shamoly Khera and I am going to show you how you can sharpen your conversation to impress anyone. 

To crack that interview or land that new job.

From being an introverted medical student to an International TV Presenter and bestselling global Author.

From interviewing Bollywood celebrities & corporate CEOs to being a TEDx Speaker myself.

I have learnt and mastered the secret techniques of achieving success through speaking confidently.

I strongly believe that the ability to initiate interesting conversations and to be able to convey your story in an powerful way makes the biggest impact to your personality development and career growth.

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A quick 1 hour course on

Being A Great Conversationalist.

You will master:

How to be An Interesting Person

How To Influence Anyone Through Conversations

How To Keep The Conversation Rolling

How To Connect With Anyone

How To Develop A Charming Conversationalist's Mindset

I strongly believe this course will  -

Accelerate your career growth

Transform you from an introvert to an extrovert

Help you to initiate conversations with anyone

Make your job hunt more successful

Help you crack that interview

Make your personality more attractive

Ready to be a Magnetic personality?

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