Hey, I am Dr. Shamoly Khera and I am here to share the secrets of a confident body language for success.

In this 1 hour Online Course, take 13 video lessons on



- Why Body Language Matters

- How To Influence People with Non-verbal Behaviour 

- How To Be Aware of Self Body Language

- Confident Body Language Secrets

- How To Decode Other's Body Language 


Welcome To The SPEAK FOR IMPACT Series
  • Welcome To The Course
  • Introduction To The Course
  • How You Can Get The Best Out of This Course
  • Every Individual's Learning Style Is Different
  • Why You Should Be A SPEAKER
  • My Goals With Speak For Impact Masterclass
Why Body Language Matters
  • Why Body Language Matters
Each Body Part Conveys A Message
  • Decoding Body Language's First Hint - EYES
  • SHOULDERS - Unlocking The Speaker Muscles
  • HANDS - Using Gestures Effectively
Let's Focus On POSTURE
  • Body Posture Essentials
  • Feet - Develop The Speaker Stance
Unlock Power Posing
  • Impact Of Power Posing
Worksheet - Body Language Fundamentals
  • Body Language Pointers

Ready to look super-confident?

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