Hey, I am Dr. Shamoly Khera and 

I will be sharing with you the secrets of a powerful voice.

In this 1 hour Online Course, take 17 video lessons on 


(includes bonus worksheets)

You will learn:

- What Makes A Great Voice

- How To Develop An Impactful Speaker's Voice

- How To Enhance the Quality of Your Voice 

- Components of A Seasoned Voice

- Evidence-Based Voice Exercises To Develop A speaker voice

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  • Welcome To The Course
  • Introduction To The Course
  • How You Can Get The Best Out Of This Course
  • Every Individual's Learning Style is Different
  • Why You Should Be A SPEAKER
  • My Goals With Speak For Impact Masterclass
Foundations Of A Great Voice
  • Revealing the Foundation Of A Great Voice
  • How You Can Make Your Voice Have More "POWER"
Deeper Components Of An Impactful Voice
  • The Most Overlooked Component of A Great Voice -
  • The One Ingredient To Add Punch
  • Use This Ironical Voice Component To Add Mystery
Components of a Great Speaker
  • This Is What Differentiates Average from the Great
  • Most Individuals Don't Utilise This Extremely Essential Element Unless Told
  • Are You Aware Of Your Own Voice Pitch?
  • Vocal Self-Analysis
Advanced Level For Better Impact Through Speaking
  • How To Enhance Voice Modulation
How To Develop Consistently Better Voice
  • Ways To Improve Quality Of Voice
Exercise Time - Voice Work-Outs
  • Worksheet - Vocal ExercisesTo Develop Professional Speaker Voice
  • Worksheet - Articulation Exercises
Summary [Foundations Of Voice]
  • Final Summary Of The Voice Power Course


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