Hey, I am Dr. Shamoly Khera and I am excited to show you how to be a fantastic storyteller who inspires.

In this 1 hour Online Course, take 17 video lessons on 


(includes bonus interactive worksheets)


- How To Structure A Story

- How To Transform Real Life Incidents to Compelling Stories

- How To Narrate A Story in an Engaging Manner

- How To Ace Your Storytelling Skills

- Foundations of Storytelling as An Audience-Connect Tool

- Case Study of Engaging Ted Talk


Welcome To The SPEAK FOR IMPACT Series
  • Welcome To The Course
  • Introduction To The Course
  • How Can You Get The Best Out Of This Course
  • Every Individual's Learning Style Is Different
  • Why You Should Be A Speaker
  • My Goals With Speak For Impact Masterclass
Self-Analysis Time
  • Analyse Yourself As A Speaker
  • Worksheet - Speaker Self-Analysis
Foundations Of Storytelling
  • Storytelling | Why It Works
  • Leading Stories With This Powerful Ingredient
Decoding Individual Parts Of Storytelling
  • Aspects Of Storytelling
  • The Most Important Part of Setting Up Your Story
  • This One Thing Makes The Story Better Structured
  • TED Talk | Case Study
  • Watch The First 7 Minutes Of This TED Talk
  • Analysis : TED Talk
Time To Become A Storyteller
  • How To Make Your Own Story Box
  • Worksheet - Storyteller's Cheat Sheet

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